You ever stalk a man?


For no apparent reason other then because you wanted to or you had an itch and urge that you couldn’t ignore? (Woman’s intuition.)

Have you ever been caught mid stalk?


By him and his girlfriend.

On more than one occasion by two different dudes, I know, WTF!

So first of all, it’s pretty common for us as women to jump to conclusions.

You know when a man doesn’t answer and you’ve gotten past the worry of it all. You know he’s not dead so now you just have to know why he’s not answering his damn phone!!

Phones are an extended body part so when a man doesn’t answer his phone, we jump!


Jump to conclusions…

Jump into our own conversations (arguments)…

Jump into our cars and drive…


Well, let me tell you about this one time.

I was angry and I wanted to hurt him.

When I drove by his house and her car was in the driveway, I damn near lost my mind.

What did I do next?

Well, let me tell you! I picked up my friends and we did some damage. (We egged it, to say the least)


Why not!

No, no in all seriousness her car got the brunt of it because his was in the garage.

We parked around the corner where we still had a good view of his house and waited.

We waited patiently for them to come outside and then they did.

We could have driven away, we could have laughed about it to ourselves but that wasn’t enough, not for an 18 year old with a broken heart and a bruised ego.

I called him and I watched as he pulled his phone out of his pocket and stared at it, debating whether to answer or not.

“Hello?” He answered, phone against his face as he reached for the water hose.

“You busy?” I asked not trying very hard to contain my laughter.

I don’t remember what he said; all I remember is driving off.


That still wasn’t enough.

I had to go back for more.

When I drove back her car was gone and he was outside.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he asked, his face so unsure and confused.

She pulled up not giving me a chance to answer…

Things took a serious shit after that.


Wanna know more? Let me know and I’ll share ♥










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