Crystal Ball

I don’t wonder where you are or if you’re happy.

I don’t fill my head with nonsense, no wild scenarios of how your life turned out.


I log in and type your name in the search bar, there you are.


At least you seem happy.

It was too easy.

I watched the episode of Friends the other night, the one where Ross and Rachel break up, well the one where they take a “break “, she’s calling him, hoping he’s home and that he’ll answer. The agony of defeat on her face is horrible! I can’t imagine! Can you imagine? I mean, yeah when we were in high school or middle school you had to call a house phone but come on, even then we had pagers. (And for the sake of argument, it was not that serious then anyway!)

If you were old enough and really brave you just did a drive by when someone didn’t answer.

Those days are done, I mean, if you’re old school then those are just normal tools of the trade but the new generation, the younger generation has it much easier.

No need to wonder anymore.

No need to worry about where someone is or how you’re going to find them.

The smart phone is a tool, a modern crystal ball, not just for us crazies but everyone. You have this magical little tool in the palm of your hand.


“Who do you seek my dear?” asks the evil witch, Siri, Alexa, whatever, Your eyes are a glow with curiosity as you franticly type and search.


Good luck if your location is turned on! Lol

It’s a little too easy, it’s no fun anymore!




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