How do you heal a mother’s broken heart?

Why is it that when something serious happens the emotional aspect of it hits you days later?

All the what if’s swirl through my mind and I can’t shake the feeling that the worst is yet to come.

Teenagers make mistakes, they make bad choices, my question is, how do you regain what has been lost?

The relationship I once thought to be so solid, shattered.

The girl I thought was smarter than that, isn’t.

I gave her too much freedom?

I trusted her too much?

I allowed her to feel a type of way because I expected more from her?

Did I allow her to grow up too fast?

I’m disappointed in the choices she made and so much more disappointed in the fact that she belittles it to be nothing but “drinking too much”

Ummm hello, you’re 17 not 21.

A different light is shun upon her.

A mother’s love is everlasting and eternal but how do you fix her broken heart?

How do you heal her bruised ego?

How do you console her in her loss?

My child is not the same.

I’ve lost something, I’ve lost someone.

So how do you heal my broken heart?

How do I fix what is unfixable?

The loss of trust is huge in our house.

The peace I felt, the confidence I had in regards to her, diminished.