12 Steps

Hello, my lovelies!!! As promised you are receiving a sneak peek into what I have been working on! Bust out the champagne, it’s a big freakin’ deal!




After writing my first book, Heart First, Head Later it dawned on me. I have had my heart truly shattered on one occasion, by one stupid boy. Why? Why was that break so emotionally life altering? Well, it was because of my own expectations and the way it ended. While he has not been the only boy to cause me hurt, he was the one who flipped my crazy girl starter switch, the one who provoked stalking and crazy rationalizations.

In short, I didn’t understand why or how things ended before they genuinely had a chance to truly begin. This resulted in a carousel of insecurities and confusion not only in regards to him but more importantly, me.

Why was I not good enough, what had I done to deserve this and so on and so forth…

The truth is, he was just that guy. He was the one who provoked the woman I was always meant to be. We all have to experience this type of break, this type of confusion and hurt, it’s part of life. It allows you to grow into yourself, your truest self.

He is not what matters, it’s the experience and what it taught me that truly matters.

My sophomore book, Do you love yourself enough to love yourself?, is 12 steps that I believe will help women move the fuck on from a shattered heart. It is solely my opinion based on my experience, maybe you won’t agree with my steps, maybe you’ll laugh at how relatable and real these steps are, you probably don’t need me to tell you these steps but in writing this book I not only wanted you to take the steps to move forward but I want you to know that if you did this already, you’re 100% normal. I say it all the time, we as women have so much in common and I believe we should use that commonality to rule the world. Don’t you agree?giphy1

So without further ado…I give you the contents page and the intro!





1 Cry
2 Perspective
3 Talk about it
4 Acknowledge & Accept
5 Move on
6 Now REALLY move on
7 Love yourself
8 Social Media Blackout
9 Makeover



Let Go

12 Smile






He has done just about everything he can do.

He has said all the shit he knows will break you and yet you stay.

You stay because it’s too hard to leave.

It’s too hard to start all over.

You have kids together and to begin again, at your age? Pfff.

Perhaps you do not have kids together but you have given him so many years, your good years.

It is just too hard to start all over.

Say’s who?



“Who is going to accept you this way?” His voice is condescending and rude.

Instead of building your confidence he breaks you, this makes it so much harder for you to listen to the woman inside you.

The woman begging and screaming to get out and breath!

You have so much potential and yet he hinders it.

He keeps you from glowing.

He holds you down in a negative way, piling on the bullshit.

The weight of the world is on your shoulders, why because he’s got his own dreams and how dare you not support them?

What about you babe?

What about your dreams?

What dreams, you have reality to deal with.

A fridge to stock, rent to pay, you know that grown-up life.

Let’ stop for a minute.

Take a step back and look at your situation, are you really in love?

Oh es solamente costumbre?

Is it a comfort that in some random way makes you feel safe?

It is a false sense of security.

Are you unsure?

Let me help.

Do you think about packing up all his shit and leaving it out on the curb?

Do you find yourself daydreaming about meeting another man?

Do you dream of being single and independent?

Let’s be clear, you would rock this independent single woman, single mom shit.

If you could just manage to remove yourself from the toxic comfort zone that you’re in.

I once packed up my exes shit in a plastic bag and sent his ass back to his momma’s house on foot. (More than once if we’re being honest.)

I didn’t feel bad because if his lame ass hadn’t been a dick, he wouldn’t have gotten the boot.

If his lame ass had a job and a car, he wouldn’t have had to walk home.

Never feel sorry for a man who doesn’t feel sorry enough for himself to make a change.”

Do not support him.

Emotionally or financially, if a man can’t hold himself up, he’ll never hold you up the way he should.


“Sometimes you gotta do that cold-hearted shit because that’s the only option they leave you.”


I want to help you find yourself again.

You deserve all the good this world has to offer.

I’m sure you’ve made mistakes and done regrettable things, we all have. None of those mistakes have committed you to a life sentence of misery.

You do not deserve to be treated like anything less than the vibrant, gorgeous woman you are.

Let’s get that glow back!!

In 12 steps, I am going to give you back to you!

Let’s get out from under him and finally get the fuck over him!


EEEK you just got your first sneak peek!! Let me know what you think? Thank you so much for following me on my writing journey, I truly appreciate you all! 




I gave up my life for you.

At times I feel like I deserve a do over.

And then I feel guilty for thinking such things.

The weight of the world has always been on my shoulders.

To be a mom is God’s greatest gift, to be a single mom, perhaps a blessing and a curse.

When she gets restless and acts ungrateful I feel a resentment burn inside me.

I gave up my life for you, perhaps a better life and you wanna talk back to me? You wanna fight and argue with me when I say no.

A resentful feeling of frustration manifest inside of me and then the guilt comes, never far behind.

I can’t feel any other emotions because the guilt is always in the distance over shadowing any other sense of emotion.

I gave up my life for you and you don’t even realize it.

My time, my energy, my sense of control and my peace, never have I felt so vulnerable and helpless.

He calls and has a 30 minute conversation, gives you a couple bucks and he’s done his duty for the week perhaps the month and here I stand, disregarded and disrespected.

I gave up my life for you and I’m the bad parent.

I’m the one who hands out punishments and deals with the stress and the headaches, let’s not even talk about the heartaches.

I gave up another life for you, one where I’m selfish.

At times I feel like I deserve a do over.

A guilt manifests so deep inside that I can’t shake the idea of no you, no me.

He gave up nothing for you and somehow his guilt doesn’t consume him.

Somehow you can forgive him and love him despite it.

He feels no guilt, he feels no shame.

He feels no worry, no stress or heartbreak.

I gave up myself for you.

At times the weight is too hard to carry, at times too much to bear and so I cry.

I cry because I can’t control you and I worry.

You have no idea what the weight of the world feels like.

You have no idea, Life doesn’t offer a do over.