The weight of you.

A man.

In my eyes, you are a man.

Always my protector.

Never neglect me.

I miss you, your arms, your strength, and your tenderness

The smell of you, the weight of you





Whole-heartedly I gave myself to you.

Every part of me, all of me

Whichever way you wanted me, you had me.

Time goes on, time heals

Yet here I am.

Waiting on you, wanting you, to feel the weight of you.

A simple touch turns me on, I feel you, unshaven, tickling me with desire.

A look of need, a look of angst and want.

You want it and yet you won’t allow yourself

Fall, just let go and fall.

Slip into me.

Love me.

Don’t think too much, don’t doubt it, don’t dismiss it, instead embrace it

Hold on to it and protect it

Miss me, remember me.

Wake up next to me, pull me in and hold me close

My body squirms in anticipation

Love me, make love to me…….hold on to me, don’t let go.

A little bit of history on this one:

I wrote this a few years ago when Memo and I were on the verge of letting our relationship end. I couldn’t fathom the idea of letting him go, it didn’t make sense, walking away never felt right. Our issues were not those of scandal, we were just in two different places, emotionally. I fell in love quickly and he didn’t. No shame in that, it took him a little bit longer to give into his emotions but he did and now….the sky is the limit. ♥




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