Love is hard, self-love is harder.

I often wondered who would love me.

After all the mistakes I made growing up, I was positive I had ruined my future.

I felt shame and embarrassment over the situations I had mishandled.

Who would love me after the mess I had made of my life?

Who would see me and then accept me for me?

Love is hard, self-love is harder.

I realized I needed to love me.

I needed to love me for getting through the difficult parts of my adolescence not only as a girl but also as a mother.

Mom life is hard enough as a grown woman now lets through in some immaturity, hormones and the need to find me, learn myself and love myself.

I made mistakes as a woman and a mother on my journey to finding myself.

I survived those mistakes; I turned those mistakes into lessons.

Lessons I can now share with my daughter, with my future children. I know they won’t listen, I’m not delusional but the wisdom I wish to offer is plentiful.


♥I live in love.

The type of love a mom receives. It’s no more, “Mommy come help me or mommy play Barbie’s with me.” It’s more, “Mom I need you to take me….” And “Mom, I’m going….” Or “Mom, I’m sorry I made a mistake.” I love my teenager for the strong-willed, independent, hard-headed person she is…even when she is directing that shitty attitude all teenage girls have, towards me.


♥I live in love.

The love only a man can give, a man who loves you and accepts you for who you were and who you are now. A man who gets his crazy, ridiculously loud and stubborn woman wouldn’t be who she is, if not for the shit she went through.


♥I live in love.

The love I feel for myself. The love I manifest in me.

Self-love is a remedy, a cure.

Take it and watch your situation flourish.

Always put your love on top.

Man, Woman, Lover or Friend.

Sometimes, you realize that the one person you thought was there, never really was.

Man or woman, lover or friend.

You see them in a different light, through different eyes. You’ve grown and matured, maybe quicker than them, maybe slower than them but you’re no longer on the same wavelength. You no longer need to share every detail, they’re not the first person you think of when a life-changing thing happens, and they’re not the first person you think of when something minor happens either.

They’ve drifted off. Or maybe it was you? You might have quite possibly outgrown this person.

Man or woman, lover or friend.

You might have seen them in a different light and maybe realized they were that way all along.

You’ve lost respect, gotten some perspective and yeah, maybe you’ve been a bit judgemental. You expected more or hoped for more from this person.

Man or woman, lover or friend.

A wall was built between you and a wall doesn’t go up overnight, it takes time to build. You both laid the foundation, put up the bricks piece by piece and before you even realized it, there was this huge wall

Neither of you will tear it down, there’s a slight chance neither of you will even acknowledge this wall but its there.

camera photography vintage travel
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I’ve accepted it, started decorating it. Hanging up pictures in frames of familiar faces and quote’s that inspire me. Life just keeps going unaware of the many walls that are built by men and woman, lovers and friends.

Man or woman, lover or friend.

Decorate your side of the wall and move forward. Forget what was and acknowledge what is.

Best regards.

Cool little brown Girl

I grew up near the San Ysidro port of entry in San Diego, Ca. My parents are both from Tijuana, Mexico. My dad was adopted by my grandfather who was Puerto Rican and as such, an American citizen.  I was raised by Immigrants, a father who had the privilege of living his youth on the northern side of the border and a mother who like most immigrants, crossed the border on a daily basis to attend school until she and her siblings were given permanent residence.

I am the first generation born and raised in the United States, Mexican American, Hispanic, however, you want to say it. I cannot begin to comprehend the emotions and fear that our Latinx counterparts are currently enduring due to our political climate. My heart goes out to them and I will continue to pray that justice is served for those who have been wronged, however, this isn’t a post about them.

I grew up in a home where my father was educated, spoke perfect English and my mom was a stay at home mom who attempted to take English classes at night. It wasn’t necessary, over the years she learned to speak English through her kids, while it’s not perfect, she has been speaking English for most of her adult life.

When I was young my family traveled a lot due to my dad’s job. We had the privilege of driving cross country and visiting every state in the process. We saw things and experienced new places in great part due to his perseverance and unwillingness to settle in his career.

We spent a few years living in Georgia and then in South Carolina, where I was known as the little Mexican girl. I didn’t care, I was from California and that made me the cool little brown girl from the west coast. I thrived on who I was even as a child. While all the local girls had blonde hair and blue eyes, I had long espresso colored hair and dark brown eyes. giphy

There were other Hispanic girls there for the same reason I was but I found myself drawn to a different crowd. My African American friends, yes the black girls made me feel like I was just one of the girls! They fiercely defended me when anyone said anything about how I spoke or why I had an accent. (For the record the only accent I have is the one all Mexican girls have… it’s not really an accent, it’s just the way we talk.)

All our years of travel and relocation allowed me to grow up knowing that we are all different, we all come from different places and have different backgrounds. I have never disliked someone because of something that is out of their control. I am grateful for the job my dad held for over 30 years, I am proud of him for having the career that he did and being the man that he is.

In today’s society due to political outrage, my father would not be seen as such a hero.

My dad retired from The US Border Patrol last year and I am so grateful that he did due to the monstrosity that is immigration reform in today’s society. While I see him for the man he truly is other people may not have. I grew up in a time where having a father working in the Border Patrol was something I could brag about. What about now? What about these kids who have parents that are agents now? In today’s society where they are villainized, how can these kids not be afraid to say, “My parent is a Border Patrol Agent.” What about their spouses who do not know what their next shift may bring… I remember praying to God, on many occasions, that my dad would make it home safe. That was just normal fear and anxiety because I knew my dad carried a gun for a living.  I’m sure all families that have a parent, spouse or relative in law enforcement can relate but now, today, the way things are, I can’t imagine.

Listen, I’m not blind or in denial. The state of our immigration situation is dire and I’m not a fool, not all agents are stand up but before you judge or before you say something that you don’t know too much about, remember these agents have families that they want to get home to. These agents have jobs to do and they abide by a set of morals we may never understand.

My dad told many stories where he was often called a “traidor” by his Mexican counterparts.

He also told stories of how they(Agents) leave basic necessities in the desert, like water and blankets for those who have crossed and find themselves in dire need.

Not everything is black and white. Things are very blurry in our political climate and it’s a scary time not just for immigrants but also for these men and women who have a job to do, families to support, mouths to feed. A government job is a job, a job with benefits and perks, isn’t that what we strive for?

My intent in this post wasn’t to upset anyone, I’m not in agreement with the way things are being handled or not handled. I just have a different perspective and a personal point of view. After all, we are all people with emotions and opinions. Speak yours as I have spoken mine.


I woke up and I was in a different body…

How the fuck did I get here?

The room is unfamiliar, the bed, while incredibly comfortable smells like a man.

I dig my head into the pillow in an effort to identify the smell, unknown and yet so familiar.

My body feels different, heavier, sluggish, I touch my face in an attempt to make sure I am still me.

I slide my hands down to my breast, yup, still me.

I’ve been begging my boobs to grow since I hit puberty, they didn’t care how much I begged.



The rest of me feels thicker, definitely not a size small anymore.

I must be in a different body, this can’t be me.

I lift my new heavier body out of bed and walk over to the huge mirror occupying the wall and there she is.

I woke up and I was in a different body.

I wonder if this new body has money in the bank… hmmm

She’s a little older than me but still very pretty, youthful in her face and neck.

Who is she and why does she seem so familiar.

I glance at the photographs that occupy her wall, a familiar face.

She is me. A different, older version but without a doubt, me.

It’s horrifying, where did my youth go and who the fuck said I wanted to be an adult!?


You guys ever feel like you woke up in a different body? Where the fuck did the time go and when did we become adults with responsibilities! Tell me, what is something that you wish you would have known before entering adulthood? I wish I would have known just how real it is when they say, MONEY DOESN’T GROW ON TREES! FML. Oh, and I would have listened when I was told to SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!

SEX & the average woman?



For women, the beginning of our sexual lives is daunting. Those of us raised to believe that we should wait until marriage or we will be punished by God had a much harder time giving up our virginity than most. It doesn’t mean we didn’t or that we waited until marriage, it just means we had a complex over it and felt a guilt that tormented us for much longer than necessary.

One man, that is all it takes to shatter you. One man to fuck you up and give you a complex and fill you with insecurities. Isn’t that the way it goes ladies?

As you piece yourself back together you learn all about life, love, and sex.

SEX and all the power it gives us, SEX and all the emotions it brings on, SEX and the goddess inside you. That badass woman you had yet to acknowledge.

I went on to have a very active and satisfying sex life. Did I suffer from a broken heart, absolutely, it’s part of the growth process but I realized in my twenties that a broken heart would heal and the woman you are meant to be will very much find her way into existence.

Sex was a part of that growth, without a doubt.


I find myself in my early 30’s, in love and monogamous.

I do not feel unsatisfied instead I feel as if sometimes I cannot satisfy… does that make sense?

I don’t want you to think I don’t want to have sex but sometimes, I just don’t want to have sex.

Of course, that sounds horrible and it makes me feel horrible but I wonder if it has to do with my age or perhaps my weight? Maybe the ovarian cyst that I have dealt with have also hindered my desire? I guess that can also be attributed to my weight as with all health concerns you are told to lose a few pounds.

Maybe that’s the cure to everything?

Am I too comfortable at this unhealthy weight?

Am I just super lazy at this stage in my life or what the fuck is happening??

It didn’t use to take very much to get me hot and bothered.

I wonder if I started to soon and I’ve run out of sex drive? (Is that possible?) I also wonder if those cysts can be some sort of physical punishment for my active sex life so early on. No, no I guess that’s not the way it works right?

Why does it seem to take much more than it used to?

I’m confused and angry with myself.

It has to be my weight right?

We do have a teenager in the next room and while that didn’t bother me before she’s made it very clear that the walls are thin. (Sorry!)


It’s a combination of all things, I guess?

How do you explain this to your man without him feeling like you’re no longer attracted to him?

I let that thought simmer for a while, could that be it?

Nope, not it, I still find myself very much attracted to him but that sex drive, that desire for sex itself is harder to engage than it was even a year ago.

I decided to exercise more and eat better, I’ll let you know how that goes.

Listen, we are told to be confident at any size and at any weight but I will be the first to admit that I have been unhappy with myself for a while. There is no shame in that and I’m not bashing anyone who weighs what I weigh and is glowing in confidence, that’s amazing!

So make a change and stop crying, right?

That’s more of a mental challenge for me than an actual physical one.

(If I could only get my mouth to cooperate.)


It is mental, it’s all mental. So how do you reprogram yourself?

First of all:

Don’t feel bad for feeling bad about your weight.

Don’t feel ashamed for struggling, we all struggle.

Don’t allow these things to affect your life, especially your sex life.

I talked to my man and he understood. He also enlightened me to the fact that not only does me being unhappy and uncomfortable with myself kill my sex drive but it makes me really moody and kind of a bitch.


Not a good vibe.

I don’t want to be a size 12 or a size 14; I don’t want to weigh 200 pounds. I don’t care if that sounds negative, I want to be at a healthy weight and be whatever size comes with that weight.

I want to have sex with my man and lots of it.

I’m curious; ladies do you struggle in the same way? Have you noticed a change in your sex drive with your weight, age or with your lifestyle choices?

Let’s share and help women struggling with these everyday issues!



A letter to my younger self.

Dear Julie,

At some point in your life, you’re going to find yourself fighting for a man who isn’t yours. You will eventually realize that you took your bruised heart from one unworthy man to another. He will seem right but I promise you he is all wrong. You have let him go before and you will let him go again. He won’t make it easy to walk away, in fact, when you finally build the courage to let go he will pull you back in.

Being who you are and loving the way you do, you will let him.

You will make a million mistakes for him and because of him but don’t worry they won’t matter. They will allow you to learn yourself and grow into yourself. The men who come into your life after him will help you heal, also allowing you to learn about yourself. They will serve their purpose and then you will move on.

There will be a chapter in your life where you will find yourself alone but I promise you will find the light. All of your life experiences will serve you. You see, there is a man waiting for you. A man who will make you realize and help you understand why nothing else seemed to fit. This man will love you. YOU. Who you truly are. He will be the one to give you that final push into womanhood, allowing you to grow into yourself. He will treasure every bit of you, I promise. Your past, your present and your future, all a means to love you.

So, go ahead, live your life, love the way you love, make mistakes and learn your lessons. Your life will be all that you envisioned and all that you’ve desired. Be patient and humble, trust yourself and love yourself. Not only will you find the love of a real man but you will love you, unconditionally.

You will be one badass woman.


Your future self.



Oh and this mom thing, you’ve got it handled but you should know the older she gets the more like you she will become, sort of.



12 Steps

Hello, my lovelies!!! As promised you are receiving a sneak peek into what I have been working on! Bust out the champagne, it’s a big freakin’ deal!




After writing my first book, Heart First, Head Later it dawned on me. I have had my heart truly shattered on one occasion, by one stupid boy. Why? Why was that break so emotionally life altering? Well, it was because of my own expectations and the way it ended. While he has not been the only boy to cause me hurt, he was the one who flipped my crazy girl starter switch, the one who provoked stalking and crazy rationalizations.

In short, I didn’t understand why or how things ended before they genuinely had a chance to truly begin. This resulted in a carousel of insecurities and confusion not only in regards to him but more importantly, me.

Why was I not good enough, what had I done to deserve this and so on and so forth…

The truth is, he was just that guy. He was the one who provoked the woman I was always meant to be. We all have to experience this type of break, this type of confusion and hurt, it’s part of life. It allows you to grow into yourself, your truest self.

He is not what matters, it’s the experience and what it taught me that truly matters.

My sophomore book, Do you love yourself enough to love yourself?, is 12 steps that I believe will help women move the fuck on from a shattered heart. It is solely my opinion based on my experience, maybe you won’t agree with my steps, maybe you’ll laugh at how relatable and real these steps are, you probably don’t need me to tell you these steps but in writing this book I not only wanted you to take the steps to move forward but I want you to know that if you did this already, you’re 100% normal. I say it all the time, we as women have so much in common and I believe we should use that commonality to rule the world. Don’t you agree?giphy1

So without further ado…I give you the contents page and the intro!





1 Cry
2 Perspective
3 Talk about it
4 Acknowledge & Accept
5 Move on
6 Now REALLY move on
7 Love yourself
8 Social Media Blackout
9 Makeover



Let Go

12 Smile






He has done just about everything he can do.

He has said all the shit he knows will break you and yet you stay.

You stay because it’s too hard to leave.

It’s too hard to start all over.

You have kids together and to begin again, at your age? Pfff.

Perhaps you do not have kids together but you have given him so many years, your good years.

It is just too hard to start all over.

Say’s who?



“Who is going to accept you this way?” His voice is condescending and rude.

Instead of building your confidence he breaks you, this makes it so much harder for you to listen to the woman inside you.

The woman begging and screaming to get out and breath!

You have so much potential and yet he hinders it.

He keeps you from glowing.

He holds you down in a negative way, piling on the bullshit.

The weight of the world is on your shoulders, why because he’s got his own dreams and how dare you not support them?

What about you babe?

What about your dreams?

What dreams, you have reality to deal with.

A fridge to stock, rent to pay, you know that grown-up life.

Let’ stop for a minute.

Take a step back and look at your situation, are you really in love?

Oh es solamente costumbre?

Is it a comfort that in some random way makes you feel safe?

It is a false sense of security.

Are you unsure?

Let me help.

Do you think about packing up all his shit and leaving it out on the curb?

Do you find yourself daydreaming about meeting another man?

Do you dream of being single and independent?

Let’s be clear, you would rock this independent single woman, single mom shit.

If you could just manage to remove yourself from the toxic comfort zone that you’re in.

I once packed up my exes shit in a plastic bag and sent his ass back to his momma’s house on foot. (More than once if we’re being honest.)

I didn’t feel bad because if his lame ass hadn’t been a dick, he wouldn’t have gotten the boot.

If his lame ass had a job and a car, he wouldn’t have had to walk home.

Never feel sorry for a man who doesn’t feel sorry enough for himself to make a change.”

Do not support him.

Emotionally or financially, if a man can’t hold himself up, he’ll never hold you up the way he should.


“Sometimes you gotta do that cold-hearted shit because that’s the only option they leave you.”


I want to help you find yourself again.

You deserve all the good this world has to offer.

I’m sure you’ve made mistakes and done regrettable things, we all have. None of those mistakes have committed you to a life sentence of misery.

You do not deserve to be treated like anything less than the vibrant, gorgeous woman you are.

Let’s get that glow back!!

In 12 steps, I am going to give you back to you!

Let’s get out from under him and finally get the fuck over him!


EEEK you just got your first sneak peek!! Let me know what you think? Thank you so much for following me on my writing journey, I truly appreciate you all! 



Besties lead to Bullies?

Last week, as I was getting ready for work, I was watching Good Morning America and they shared a piece about a woman who removed her child from preschool because the school banned the use of the word BFF.

I stopped what I was doing to watch the piece when Natalie walked in and began watching with me. She rolled her eyes as they explained that the use of the word BFF promotes cliques and leads to feelings of exclusion and bullying in some cases.

“Ridiculous right?” I asked her, curious as to what she had to say.

“Banning the word is not going to stop friendships from forming and they shouldn’t make a positive thing in school so negative.”

She is 100% correct.


When did having BFF’s become a negative thing? I don’t know about you guys but my BFF’s helped me survive high school and beyond. My relationships with these women became so rooted that I don’t call them my Best Friends, I call them my Soul Mates. These relationships were formed in school and while yes, maybe people were intimidated or thought they may not have been part of the circle, it wasn’t intentional. It’s a part of life.

We keep removing the situations that build character and build personal strength and confidence.

Natalie then proceeded to tell me that the current senior class at her school would be the last to have seniors graduating in white and they would be the last class to have a valedictorian.


What about these kids who have built their school careers in the hopes of graduating in all white and/or potentially being valedictorian? Is this not ridiculous? Why remove the competitive spirit? Will this competitiveness be removed from the workplace or real-life situations? NO, of course not.

We as a society complain about bullies but we are softening the future generations. Not all kids deserve a trophy at the end of the soccer season and the ones that do should shine, not because they are better people but because they have worked on their craft and/or they have god given talent.

You can’t excel in all aspects of life so where you do thrive you should be recognized.


Let kids have best friends, let them enjoy their youth and form bonds that will help form them. Don’t be negative about positive things. Not everyone in life is going to like you and kids should learn that early on, it’s not mean, it’s real.

Why remove the reward from high school graduation? You are uninspiring our kids!

We are going to be stuck with a generation that lacks a competitive drive and whines about life not being fair because they were coddled and overprotected.

For the record, I understand not all situations are easy and some kids react differently to certain situations, this is why parents need to instill confidence in the home. I’m not an expert and my kids not perfect but she understands the concept of real life. She gets that no one is going to hand her an education or a paycheck, she is going to have to work for it and compete for top dollar.

Reality slaps you hard when you enter the real world, let’s not remove the core of what makes us able to stay standing.

These are my personal thoughts and opinions. I’d love to hear yours! Comment below!

The everyday girls guide to Coachella Fest!

“It’s all fun and games until you’re chafed and dehydrated.”

*disclaimer: post contains affiliate links✨

I will be attending Coachella for the third year in a row and I must say, I am very much looking forward to spring in the desert. With that being said, spring in Coachella is not like spring anywhere else.

You’re talking to a local here, yikes I said local!! I relocated to the City of Festivals back in 2009 and I don’t think I’ve yet to acclimate to the weather.

I don’t know about you but I wish I would have had a real girls perspective going into my first year! Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at blogs and pictures of all the gorgeous outfits and these beautiful women posing and looking flawless.

It’s inspirational in so many ways!!


I am not 5’11 and a size negative.

I am 5’5 and a size 12, on a skinny day. (And I love me) just in case you had some opinions, I’m all good thanks.

If you’re like me, I want to share with you the real deal and hopefully prepare you for the experience you’re about to have.

I’m going to jump right into the festival because as a local I just go home when I’m done, I can’t comment on the hotels or camping part of it. Although I will say, ew to the camping part of it. (My opinion)

Let’s get going then;

Be prepared for some traffic as you get to the festival grounds.

There is a VIP parking lot which is the best option but requires VIP passes, so if you have general admission this is not your lot.

Then you’ve got the companion camping and car camping lots. (Not for me or you unless this is what you paid for)

The lake Eldorado lot is what you’re looking for and it is a big ass dirt lot that they water because the wind gets ridiculous and the floor is super hot!

I’m not totally sure about the drinking in the parking lot policy but we definitely drink up before heading in. Just be polite and respectful to parking lot attendants, they’re locals working the fest.

Easy enough right?

General Admission vs VIP

Ok so I ain’t no big baller but we did attempt the VIP experience.

My first year we did GA and the second year we did VIP.

General admission is just that general. There are no special sitting areas or designated restrooms. You walk about a mile to enter the fest, maybe I’m exaggerating, maybe I’m not, and then as a woman you stand in a line much longer than the men’s line to walk through a metal detector and have your bags searched.

Save the time and don’t take a bag?

No bitch, take a bag, backpack, whatever.

More on that in a minute.

So once you’re in you walk right to the Ferris wheel.

Stop and take a pic. Soak it all in.

You’re at Coachella.

Quick confession, I’ve yet to take a pic in front of the Ferris Wheel, this is the year!

Be prepared to wait in ridiculous restroom lines and don’t get discouraged by the wind. We’re all getting hit by the same sandy wind. Eat where you wanna eat and drink what you wanna drink. Remember to stay hydrated, it’s windy but it’s also hot as fuck.

We’re talking 3 digit heat with the wind. I know, wtf.

Of course, wear your sunscreen and if outfit appropriate wear a hat and your sunglasses.

You’ve been walking around all day, jumping from tent to tent, resting in random restroom lines while you wait to pee and the sun is finally going down! You made it through the first day!!


No, it’s not over, by any means.

This is where that bag comes in handy.

The fun is just beginning, it’s almost time for the headliner!!!

If you can, have an outfit change ready in that bag.

I know, I know, we’re regular girls here but I mean leggings and a cute hoodie, a cover-up or a sweater. Trust me, you’ll thank me because as hot as it was in the daytime, the cold can be just as extreme. Think about being in a jacuzzi and going from hot to cold.

The desert does not play at night.

Take a small blanket if you can, a beach blanket if possible. Not only will it potentially keep you warm but you can lay it out and sit on it while you eat.

Tables are limited and you’ll be lucky to sit anywhere other than the ground.

Food options are endless so enjoy!

VIP offers a more delectable variety of food but nothing so out there that you should pay $1000 plus for admission.

While the VIP offers a closer lot and a shorter walk to the entrance of the fest, again, not worth the money.

We went VIP thinking it meant front row accessibility…. not so.

While the lounging areas are much nicer the only difference in restrooms is that they are “air-conditioned” but they’re still for the most part port-a-potties. (You’ll get over it and accept the squat over the toilet position real quick)

(Oh yeah, you’ll be sore the rest of the weekend, accept it and acknowledge that you’re probably out of shape… I swore to be a few pounds lighter for next time but I like food.)

This is why we opted to save some pennies and go with GA for our third year.

A small list of what I do and take:

I wear converse or something along those lines. The polo grounds where the fest is held is all dirt, I don’t buy converse for the fest I wear ones I would care to never wear again. I’ve worn some Roxy slip ons for the last two years and I plan to wear them this year. Whatever you’re comfortable in just keep in mind, dirt, everywhere. ( especially on your way in)

I always take a pack of blister band-aids. Lesson learned the hard way.

Allergy relief medicine


They don’t allow you to take in water bottles but people use those camelbacks and they have water stations so if you buy a water bottle inside you can just keep refilling. My man is iffy about those so we probably spend more money on water than alcohol.

Whatever you decide to do stay hydrated.

**The Camel backpacks must be empty at entry!**

Take a bandana or buy one there. If the wind is nasty you will thank me for this.

Last year the wind was horrible at night and I dropped my bandanna in the restroom, I didn’t buy another and ended up so sick afterward. I had what the doctors out here have dubbed “Coachella flu.” They gave me steroids and antibiotics to open up my lungs and kill whatever I inhaled.

↑Take this tidbit of advice seriously, if it’s the only thing you take from this post, I feel accomplished.

So what have you learned today?

♥ Be as cute and glamorous as you wanna be but remember to stay comfortable. You’ll be there all day and all night, for 3 days and 3 nights.

♥ Take some meds, allergy relief, again bc of the wind and Tylenol for a headache the sun could potentially give you. The festival is held on the polo grounds in Indio, so with that in mind be prepared if you suffer from allergies.

You’re adults take your meds and alcohol consumption responsibly.

Blister band-aids

Bandanna/face shield

Hat and sunglasses


The best for under makeup!

Backpack (medium) with a change of clothes or at least a sweater and a beach blanket.

Above all else have a fuckin amazing time and be a nice fuckin person.

We’re all there to enjoy our time, we all paid to be there. If your not in a VIP tent then relax and don’t be a douche. We’re all in this together.

Happy Coachella 2018!!

If any questions or comments I’m happy to answer and have a conversation!

I have also provided a link to the festival rules and info page for you guys!!

*This post contains amazon affiliate links!

Thanks in advance lovelies!